Athens City Tour



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Starting from your hotel, we will get to see the greatest places you can visit
in Athens. Our first stop will be at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, in front of the Greek parliament, where you will witness the proud soldiers protect the area with their lives. There, you will get a little extra time in order to look at what's around the Syntagma square! We continue at the Panathenaic Stadium, the place where the Olympic Games were born.

Take a few pictures to remember the moment! We explore the Lycabettus Hill, where the myth says that it was created when goddess Athena was carrying it in her hands and she dropped it as soon as she learnt of some news!  Famous for its amazing view of the city of Athens and the local traditional church that is built on top of the hill.. There you may enjoy your morning coffee or brunch also. We will finish our journey at the Acropolis area where the driver will drop you off to get to enjoy the city center for the remainder of your day!
NOTE: If you wish to return to your hotel by the end of the tour, please leave a note below!

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